17 March 2023

Upcoming Guest Lecture by Dr. Sharika Crawford

IN THE SAME SEA looks forward to hosting Dr. Sharika Crawford (Professor of History at the United States Naval Academy) at the University of Copenhagen! She will give a guest lecture entitled "Beyond Sugar: What the Fruit and Turtle Trades in Nineteenth Century western Caribbean Tells Us about the Region's Past and Present". It will take place on Thursday 11th May at 3pm in the Archaeology Lunch Room (11B-1-05) and will be followed by a drinks reception. All are welcome!

Lecture Abstract:

This talk will focus on the fruit and turtle trades, which linked island and coastal communities in the western Caribbean in the nineteenth century. These two trades, too often ignored in established histories of the region, facilitated a regional economy that crossed national, imperial, linguistic, racial, and ethnic lines. Moreover, the rise of these two small trades reflects the fragile ecosystems of these small islands that grew from and beyond the sugar plantation complex. The turn to fruit and turtles had different economic and environmental consequences for the people harvesting fruit and hunting turtles in the twentieth century.