2 August 2022

IN THE SAME SEA Postdoc Presents New Code of Ethics at IACA-AIAC 2022

IN THE SAME SEA postdoctoral fellow Felicia Fricke has been leading a working group developing a new Code of Ethics for the International Association for Caribbean Archaeology (IACA-AIAC) for the last three years. In July 2022, she presented the new Code at the IACA-AIAC Business Meeting in Cuba. The IACA-AIAC Membership voted unanimously in favour of ratifying the Code of Ethics, which came into operation immediately with the introduction of an Ethical Conduct Panel to review cases of potential Code violations. This is an important part of making the IACA-AIAC Congress a safe and welcoming place for all its attendees, as well as encouraging the highest ethical standards in Caribbean archaeology. You can read a draft version of the new Code of Ethics on the IACA-AIAC website in English, French, and Spanish (blogs.uoregon.edu/iaca/). Final versions will be online soon, and Felicia is available to answer any questions you may have!