15 November 2021

New postdoc - Felicia Fricke

Felicia Fricke is a postdoctoral researcher within the IN THE SAME SEA project. Her research in the project focuses on trade between islands in the Lesser Antilles, particularly the exchange of resources such as wood, water, fresh food, and news. She is interested in how the exchange of these resources was a response to environmental overexploitation, as well as how processes of exchange helped to ‘create’ the Caribbean as a region.

Felicia is a British/Dutch scholar with an academic background in archaeology, osteology, and oral history. She received her PhD from the University of Kent in 2019. Her book Slaafgemaakt: Rethinking Enslavement in the Dutch Caribbean, published by Common Ground Research Networks, presents her doctoral research results for a general audience and had its paperback release in October 2021. Felicia has also published several journal articles and book chapters in English, Dutch, and Papiamentu.